Friend's Wedding

October 1, 2021 Events

Coming back from a month of work in Dubai, UAE, I immediately flew to Michigan instead of home to Los Angeles so that I could be there for a friend's wedding, which I'd also be doing some photo and video work at. I only documented the first half the day (all the preparation) before the primary wedding photographer arrived for portraits and relieved me of my duty - at least the still duty. I spent the rest of the day doing video coverage before packing up the camera and enjoying some time on the dance floor. Wedding photography isn't my meat and potatoes - I don't actively seek it out. But I do enjoy it, especially in the occasions that I do it, which is primarily for friends and family. It's a big story day and I love storytelling, and having a connection to the people getting married, I always understand a little more about who's important to photograph and what particular situations might carry more weight than others.

And it just gives me something to do. Wedding always feel like a lot of awkward standing around, twiddling of thumbs while waiting for the brief wedding ceremony and then feeling out whether you actually like the people at the table you're assigned. Photography (and videography) gives me purpose and helps my more twiddling thumbs feel a little less awkard.

Here's a couple of my favorites from the morning of photography work: