Swifties In Los Angeles

August 5, 2023 Events

I live just down the street here in Los Angeles from SoFi Stadium, which means when something big and fun is happening there, it's pretty simple to get down there and make some photographs outside the stadium. With all the hype behind Taylor Swifts giant The Eras Tour, I couldn't not go and miss photographing all the swifties in the custom outfits and hype. It was also a great opportunity to test out a new lens, which I had a lot of fun playing with.

Honestly, the most important part of it all was just getting out there and talking with people. Even though this was a simple thing to photograph, it can be daunting going up to strangers and asking if you can make their portrait. The world can be such a suspicious place, and without the backing of some big company behind you, it's easy to feel small and intrusive when out documenting things. This was a good reminder that people are largely welcoming and open to being photographed - you just gotta get out there.

Enjoy the Swiftie details and little spot news photographs I snuck in there as someone was arrested in the parking lot for reasons unknown. Thanks for looking!