Palestinian Protests in LA

May 22, 2021 On Assignment

With the violence between Israel and the Gaza Strip this last week, there have been protests all across the world. There have between two large protests I've documented in LA, one marching down Wilshire Blvd. to the Israel consulate and another be held outside the building for its entirety. They were my first experiences with large crowds since the pandemic began. It was a little stressful being around that many people, but I took a couple breaks when it was overwhelming me. I'm thankful to be fully vaccinated and back out working.

I've always struggled photographing events like this, so I was excited to come back from each protest with images I was happy with. It was also a refreshing experience to be thanked by people at each event for being out there working considering how hostile it's been for journalists over the past four plus years. It made the experience that much easier on me after a long and isolated pandemic.

Here's a selection of images from both protests: