Youngtones Recording at 64 Sound

January 21, 2021 On Assignment

This past fall I had my first indoor job since the pandemic began. We went through all the rigors required to work as safely as possible during this odd time. The job was making stills as my good friend Luke Wade recorded four songs for his new project, Youngtones, while my partner Chelsea filmed each song for a one-shot music video of each song.

It's always a little tricky with stills and video working at the same time in the same space, so I wasn't able to be as mobile as I'd have like to have been throughout the shoot, but it gave me time to work the few angles I did have and to try and do fun things with them. One spot that I hid in and occasional poked out of as the video camera pointed the other way had a mirror, which made for some fun reflections and refractions. It was also a cool space, which was a big reason for it being booked for the recording, so inbetween things or when I couldn't get the photo I wanted, I took little detail shots of the vintage and unique equipment around the studio.

Here's a small culling of some of my favorite shots from the day: